Kikuichi Knives

Carbon Elite Petty 5.9" (15 cm)

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The Kikuichi Elite Carbon knife line is well regarded by professionals for its high quality steel and easy re-sharpening. Kikuichi Elite Carbon knives are reactive and require special care. You need to keep the knives dry or they will quickly oxidize.

This Kikuichi 5.9 in. (150mm) Honesuki is just like the Kikuichi garasuki, just smaller. Used for de-boning poultry, and a great knife for other butcher duties.

  • The carbon steel makes these knives sharp, sturdy and very easy to sharpen
  • The compressed 3-rivet wood handle for optimum balance and durability
  • Bevel:  80/20
  • Packaged in an exquisite gift box with sharpening and care instructions
  • Made in Japan; hand wash and dry only