7 1/4" Slotted Plating Spoon

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Create elegant presentations with this Mercer Culinary M35141 7 7/8" stainless steel slotted bowl plating spoon! Use it for quicker draining of any garnish or element of your dish where you want to omit additional liquids. With its deep bowl and precisely patterned slots, this spoon makes it easier to drain liquid ingredients and apply garnishes to the right place on the plate. The pattern of slots on this spoon allows for efficient drainage of any element or garnish, meaning you can add fully drained items to your dishes quickly. 

Made of sturdy 18/8 stainless steel, this plating spoon features an attractive satin finish on the handle to protect from wear. The shorter 7 7/8" length is more optimal for smaller hands or more delicate plating that requires steady control and precise movements. As an added benefit, the dual micro-serrations on the spoon's handle improve the spoon's stability and control while in use and is designed with ideal balance for optimal control. No matter what style dish you're serving, this thoughtfully crafted tool will allow you to take your plating to the next level!