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How To

As kitchenwares experts, we are frequently asked questions like "how do I clean my stainless steel fry pan" or "how should sharpen or hone my knives at home."  Don't know what a hone is?  Click here to learn about this essential knife care accessory.

In this section our knowledgeable staff of foodies and knife gurus will share their tips and advice via step-by-step instructions and visual examples.

Stay tuned as we delve into questions such as:

  • How to choose a knife
  • How to care for your knives
  • How to sharpening your knives
  • How to clean my stainless pans
  • How to care for cast iron
  • Recipes for pressure cookers

Have an electric Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker?  Here are a few of our favorite recipes: