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Knife Sharpening

KitchenWares by Blackstones offers professional on-site sharpening services. We are open daily for your convenience. Saturday and Sunday drop-offs will be ready on Monday as we give our sharpening equipment Sundays off. Sharpened knives will be will be ready for pick-up by 1pm the following day (except Sundays).

Sharpening Prices:

$5 Small (under 5 1/2")

$7 Large

$7 Serrated (over 5 1/2”)

$8 Shears / Scissors

Have a damaged knife?  We offer minor tip and blade repair starting at $3.


Frequently asked sharpening questions

What types of blades can you sharpen?
We can sharpen any metal kitchen knife, including serrated bread and steak knives, and single beveled Japanese knives. Preferential beveling (i.e. 70/30, right handed) on chef’s knives is no problem as each side is sharpened separately. We do not currently offer whetstone sharpening.

Can you repair a damaged blade and if yes, what do you charge?
There is no extra charge for minor repairs, such as restoring broken or bent tips, eliminating nicks in the cutting edge, re-profiling worn knives or buffing the rust off knives.

Do you only sharpen knives?
We also sharpen pocket knives, gardening shears and many small tools. No swords or machetes please. Got dull scissors? We sharpen most kitchen, household and tailors shears. Call ahead if you have questions regarding your shears - 857.366.4237.

How can I tell if my knife needs sharpening?
Master bladesmith, Bob Kramer, says your knives should be able to perform the following tasks if they are sharp enough:

1. Cut the tops off of carrots while they are being held, without the use of a cutting surface

2. Cut through paper

3. Slice through a rolled up magazine page

4. Easily slice a tomato

5. Bite into the papery skin of an onion, without sliding