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Cristel Mutine Frying Pan 8" P20Q

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Cristel Mutine Stainless Steel 8 inch frying pan with removable handle. 

Cristel's unique removable handles allow the various pan sizes to stack inside one another for compact storage. They also take up much less space in a dishwasher than ordinary frying pans.

A triple- thick aluminum core heat-diffusing base ensures that heat is quickly and evenly transferred through the food being cooked. You can saute, fry, braise or sear with confidence. Mutine frying pans can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops. 

Each Cristel handle also has a "double safety" so the handle cannot be detached unless the cookware is on a flat surface, even if you press the handle release button. The Mutine cookware system is made with durable 18/10 non-reactive stainless steel and is backed by a lifetime warranty with normal use and proper care. Made in France.

Choose from many sizes of Cristel Mutine frying pans:
      • 8" frying pan measures 10.25" outside diameter, 1.5" deep
      • 8.5" frying pan measures 11.1" outside diameter, 1.5" deep
      • 9.5" frying pan measures 11.8" outside diameter, 1.8" deep
      • 10" frying pan measures 12.6" outside diameter, 1.9"deep
      • 11" frying pan measures 13.4" outside diameter, 2" deep
      • Two handle sizes are available in a variety of colors to match your decor and complement your style - a long handle (3/4 x 7.1") or a round side-handle (1/2" x 2.3").
Handles for Cristel Mutine cookware must be ordered separately.