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Sel Martin French Sea Salt with Aromatic Herbs

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Coarse and granulated, Sel Marin (or sel gris) is a naturally-produced sea salt that does not undergo any cleaning, whitening, or chemical treatment like many industrially refined salts. The delicate sea salt is hand-harvested every day during the summer months from the bottom of the crystallizers where it mixes with the mineral-rich clay, giving it its grey color.

Our product finely mixes the sel gris with a unique blend of organic provencal herbs, creating a must-have seasoning for any kitchen.

Ideal when sprinkled on raw or roasted vegetables, grilled meats, or eggs. The perfect enhancement to any dish as a cooking or a finishing salt.

Ingredients: Sea salt, thyme*, rosemary*, savory*, marjoram*, green oregano*, hysopp*, and red oregano*.