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Kai Wasabi Black Serrated Bread knife 9" 6723B

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The Wasabi Black Bread Knife is part of Kai’s Wasabi Black series.

There really is no substitute for a good bread knife. If you want to slice your whole-loaf bread without crushing and with less crumbing, you should own a bread knife. The Kai Wasabi Black Bread Knife is an excellent choice. With its wide serrations, you can gently saw through just about any kind of loaf for a beautiful slice every time. The Wasabi Black Bread Knife’s long, nine-inch length makes it easy to cut just about any loaf, no matter how large. It’s also wonderful for slicing chewy bagels quickly and easily. 

Knife Specs:

  • Slice bread cleanly with this elegant bread knife
  • Steel: High-carbon stainless steel, graze finished
  • Hand sharpened to 16° cutting angle
  • Single-beveled blade
  • Handle: Polypropylene
  • Blade length: 9 in. (22.9 cm)